Belgian Dark Strong with Date Sugar

Life over the past few weeks has been very busy.  Working overtime and staying active socially has led me to neglect this blog a bit.  But, of course, I’ve still been brewing.  I brewed this up this past Wednesday:

Harbinger (Belgian Dark Strong)


16lbs. Weyermann Pilsner Malt

2lbs.  Date Sugar

8oz.  Belgian Special B

SG:  1.082

Target FG: 1.015


0.7oz.  Chinook (120 min. boil)

Mashed at 148 for 75 min. and fermented with a yeast cake of WYeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II.  I have been fermenting it in front of a heating vent to keep the temp up in the 80s.  Many Abbey-ales are initially fermented at high temperatures, then crash-cooled.  These high temperatures cause the yeast to highly attenuate, leaving the beer dry and more digestible   Check out Stan Heironymous’ Brew Like a Monk for more info.  Here’s a glorious picture of the yeast in action:

Yeast in action


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